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How to Install the Classic Version of the Windows 7 Spider Solitaire

windows 7 spider solitaire is the most popular classic version among card game lovers. Although there are many other latest versions, the Spider Solitaire version of Windows 7 does not fads the charm of its popularity. Many fans are searching for it and demanding their favorite version back.

History of Spider Solitaire microsoft Windows 7

The Microsoft Spider Solitaire card game comes with Microsoft Windows and Spider Solitaire. The game is the same as Spider. It surpassed the shorter and less challenging Klondike-based Windows Solitaire as the most popular game on Windows PCs in 2005.

First available with Microsoft Plus for Windows 98 and featured in several subsequent versions of Windows. There were many people disappointed when Windows 8 launched because there were no built-in games. As part of the Xbox 360 game collection, Microsoft released modern versions of classic Xbox card games like Microsoft Solitaire and Freecell. Although the deep integration with Xbox and the online gameplay was well received, many people felt it was a disappointment. 

How do I get my XP version for Windows 7 game back?

When classic game Spider Solitaire Microsoft Windows 7 users ask, how do they get their favorite old game back? Which they lost upon upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7. They get answers such as “You may download the game from the Windows Store.” 

That is not the correct solution to their problem. When many users first searched to download the game, they were very disappointed as the store had Spider Solitaire games available, but these games lacked many of the features of the old game. Most had only one suite, and some did not support hints.

Another option they get is to recover the old version through a long tiring process which is also not the correct solution as it is time-consuming, difficult to understand, and tiresome. 

For those users, we have good news for them. We provide the original Spider Solitaire Windows 7 version for play online and download for offline play.

Play Spider solitaire Windows 7 online

The term Solitaire describes any game of cards played by a single person with a single deck of cards. Spider Solitaire Windows 7 is a version of the classic card game, also called Klondike.

Solitaire is traditionally played with 28 cards dealt face down into 7 columns, one card on top, two on the bottom, and so on, through seven on top. Play begins when the player turns the three cards from the top of the remaining deck face up. When possible, build columns on top of the top card.

In this game, your goal is to build four suits ranging from aces to kings.

Here you can enjoy the original version online. You need to open our website, click the Spider Solitaire Windows 7 online play, and the game will start in seconds with its original version’s charm and fun. Just play the game and enjoy the original quality with the following features:

  1. It’s free
  2. Ad-free
  3. Safe to play 
  4. Smooth and fluid animations
  5. Statistics tracking
  6. Save game progress and many more.

Download for PC Windows 7

If you want to play games, Spider Solitaire Windows 7 offline on your PC; then we have another option for you:

For this, you have to open our website and find Spider Windows 7 download free to download the game. When you click the option, the download will start, and the game will install on your PC or Laptop to play offline and have fun. 

It contains many features, including: 

  1.  To move cards automatically on touch screens, click or touch once
  2.  To choose from lots of beautiful card sets, card backs, and backgrounds
  3.  Unlimited undo and redo features
  4.  Animations that are smooth and fluid
  5.  Hints that guide you through the process
  6.  Deal animation and winning animation
  7.  Autoplay on/off option
  8.  Statistics tracking
  9.  Save game progress

Our game version has all those original features that lovers are looking for to freshen their precious old memories. So what are you waiting for? Just download the game from our website and enjoy the classic game Spider Solitaire Windows 7 version now!

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