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How to Play and Install Spider Solitaire Windows 10

A game of ages past, Spider solitaire is now a computer game. Spider solitaire is one of the oldest games you can play on a Windows computer. A simple set of rules and gameplay make it easy to learn yet tricky to master. To complete a suite of cards, you need to build pillars of cards in the right order. It’s no doubt an amazing card game to enjoy. If you love card games, then the game Spider solitaire Windows 10 version must be one of your best choices. Here you can get it!

Microsoft Spider solitaire Windows 10 

Windows 10 comes with preinstalled “Microsoft Solitaire Collection,” which will give you a superb experience. Microsoft Spider solitaire Windows 10 is licensed as freeware for PC or laptops with 32 bit and 64-bit operating systems. It is in the cards category and is available to all software users as a free download.

Windows 10 Spider solitaire missing?

As discussed above, Microsoft Spider solitaire Windows 10 comes with Windows 10 as preinstalled “Microsoft Solitaire Collection.” You have to click on Start, type Microsoft Solitaire Collection, and select to launch the game from the list. However, many users claim that when they install or update the system, they face the issue of Spider solitaire missing. 

For all those users, we have an easy-to-install version of the Spider game Windows 10. You can get the game from here and enjoy playing them.

Collection of Windows 10 free Spider solitaire 

Solitaire is familiar to old computer users. Many new variations have developed due to the popularity of the game. In this card game, you can select autoplay options while simultaneously utilizing the drag and drop feature to support the movements. It is easy to navigate the game as well.

Moreover, an unlimited number of options are always available. Just in case you are stuck, you can always restart the game or even ask for an int. It comes with a help file to guide new users in the game.

Although the interface is simple and efficient when running the application, all the operations are in a straightforward icon within the main window. The color effect of this tool is something you cannot fail to notice. Moreover, you can also change the screen monitors and navigate through the cards to get the suitable one. You will have access to a scoresheet that tells you the progress. If you can make any move, the music component will give you a sound warning as a notification. We have a huge collection of Spider solitaire card games, including the best version.

Play online or install

So if you are missing your Windows 10 free Spider solitaire and can’t wait to play this game, then you can enjoy the game playing online, or if you want to download it, you also have the choice of installing it by following these simple steps you will get your desired game in your PC or Laptop in no time.

  1. Open our website
  2. Click on get Spider solitaire for Windows 10
  3. Click to Install

And guess what? You have installed the best Spider solitaire to have fun!

Features of Spider game Windows 10

Our game contains the following features that make it most suitable for card game lovers:

Free game

Solitaire is known for its addictive nature. This Collection Free offers some variation on the classic card game. You will get a free version from here.


As we know, Spider solitaire is a simple but tricky game that involves moving and rearranging cards to clear the board. And ads appear while playing the card games, diverting the attention. Hence you may lose the game. We provide ad-free Spider solitaire Windows 10 so that you may enjoy the game without any hindrance.

Other features 

  1. To move cards automatically on touch screens, click or touch once
  2. To choose from lots of beautiful card sets, card backs, and backgrounds
  3. Unlimited undo and redo features
  4. Animations that are smooth and fluid
  5. Hints that guide you through the process
  6. Deal animation and winning animation
  7. Autoplay on/off option
  8. Statistics tracking
  9. Save game progress

The best platform card games for lovers

Spider solitaire gained popularity due to its controllable difficulty condition. The Windows 10 free Spider solitaire is the perfect combination of difficulty, excitement, and fun. It is simultaneously classical at one end and modern at the other end. The best platform to play, learn and install all versions of Spider solitaire is Cardgame24x7.com, a site with various free card games available online. 

The site features a variety of card games, many of which can be played with just a browser without installing any software. Meanwhile, they will download downloadable applications with additional features and functions. Come to our official website cardgame24x7 to learn more about card games.