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How to Win at Spider Solitaire 2 Suits? Let us Learn!

Spider Solitaire 2 Suits is similar to Spider Solitaire, which uses 2 decks of cards. However, two-suit Spider solitaire involves two suits of cards, requiring even greater skill and concentration. Spider Solitaire lovers looking to elevate their skills will find this puzzle game entertaining. Playing with two suits instead of one makes it twice more challenging compared to regular Spider solitaire with one suit. You can still stack the cards in descending order, but they won’t be playable if the suits within a single stack are different. You can enjoy our Spider solitaire card games without worrying about losing your eyesight by having those cards that cannot be played grayed out automatically. A player who eliminates all the cards in order wins the Spider solitaire two suits game. Alternatively, simply click the stock button if you run out of moves. two suit spider solitaire is a lot more entertaining than Spider solitaire with 1 suit!

Spider solitaire 2 suits tips 

  • In the tableau, arrange the cards descendingly.
  • The cards have to be of the SAME suit when you stack them!
  • To win the card game, stack all of the cards.

Spider solitaire 2 suits rules

You must follow specific rules to win the Spider solitaire 2 suits. To make spider solitaire two suits easier to understand and follow, we have summarized the rules here. 

You need to build 13 sets of 13 cards, one for each Column, from King to Ace. Completion of one set removes it from the layout. It is OK to build columns in ANY suit, but we prefer to build them in the same suit. The cards in a suit can be split, and they can be moved together as a unit. You can place any correctly sequenced card(s) in an empty column. To deal another card to each Column, click the Stock button, but for doing this, no Column should be empty. 

Setup for Spider solitaire 2 suits

  • The same suit in two decks of cards.
  • Tableau columns are made up of 10 horizontal rows of 54 cards.
  • The left-most 4 rows of each stack contain 6 cards, and the remaining 6 rows contain 5 cards.
  • Play begins only with the top card of each tableau.
  • In the top left corner of your play table, you will find the remaining 50 cards face-down in your stock pile.

Moves in 2 suit solitaire

You can always move a card up to a higher rank when possible. When you have, for example, a 7 of clubs, you can place it on an 8 of spade, an 8 of diamond, an 8 of hearts, or 8 of clubs. Therefore, it is possible to stack multiple decks of cards on top of each other. 

Play involves making runs of cards in the same suit from ace to king. As soon as you have dealt out all the cards, these cards will remove from the table. This move can only happen if each card comes from the same suit.

You can move all of the cards in a run if they have the same suit. For example, if you have the spades from 8 through 6, you can drag the spades to a 9 of any suit by clicking and dragging. The 7 of diamonds, 8 of clubs, and 6 of something else make it impossible to move the cards together. It will be necessary for you to re-locate them individually.

When you have an empty tableau spot, you can partially run or move any card there.

Stock in Spider 2 suits

You can click on the stock at the top left corner after all moves on the tableau have been made. In this way, there will be one card on each tableau after 10 cards are moved from the stock to the tableau. We recommend waiting until you are sure there are no more moves to make before doing this.

Difficulty in Spider solitaire 2 suits

Solitaire two suits is a medium-difficulty version of spider solitaire that is played with two decks of cards and only two suits discussed earlier. This game is not as simple as Spider Solitaire 1, nor is it as complicated as Spider solitaire 4, but it lies somewhere in between.

Scoring & Time in solitaire two suits

The game records how many moves and how long time you take to complete the game during play. For players who have already scored, the game starts with 500 points. Every move you make subtracts one point. If you remove a run of cards from the table, you will get 100 points.

How to play Spider solitaire 2 suits?

  • Take every card off the table.
  • You will be able to eliminate any group whose order descends from King to Ace.
  • Put each card in the appropriate group of descending cards. In other words, a 6 of spades, a 5 of diamonds, and a 4 of clubs could be moved onto any 7 in the deck.
  • And if a time occurs when you cannot move any cards, you can click the stoke button to add another row of cards.

The best platform to play and learn card games

Spider solitaire gained popularity in recent years due to its controllable difficulty condition. The Spider 2 suit is the perfect combination of difficulty, excitement, and fun. Although it is not as difficult as a regular Spider, you still have to work for your victory. The best platform to play and learn all versions of Spider solitaire is Cardgame24x7, a site with various free card games available online. 

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