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What are the Rules of Spider Play Online for Free?

Spider play online is so popular among people nowadays. You can play different variations of this game online. The rules of the Spider solitaire game are similar to those of regular solitaire. There are three difficulty levels. 1 suit is considered a basic level, 2 suites are intermediate level, and 4 suites are a hard level. They are two standard decks of 52 cards each used in this game. The main objective of the game; make a sequence of 13 cards from king to ace in a column. You have to make an 8-sequence with these cards to win. 

Spider playing online rules

Spider play online is an interesting and mind-exercising game. If you have played regular solitaire before, it makes it quite easy for you, but it is a quick learning game, so beginners can learn this easily. For the sake of beginner’s understanding, here is everything about the Spider solitaire game given below.

Spider solitaire introduction

  • Spider solitaire is played with two decks of 52 cards. Cards are dealt with differently depending on the difficulty level.
  • The goal of the game is to make a sequence of cards in descending order from the king to the ace (called the foundation) from top to bottom.
  • In the beginning, 54 cards out of 104 were dealt. A stack of 10 cards is dealt in a horizontal line with 5 cards in 4 columns and 4 cards in the remaining six columns. The remaining 50 cards are kept face down as a stockpile in the tableau.
  • At the start, the top cards of the pile are face-up, and you have to try to make a sequence with them. When there are no possible moves available, you can click the stockpile and deal with one card in each column (a total of 10 cards). To continue the game, you can do this five times as there are 50 cards available in the stockpile.
  • If you tap the card, it will automatically move to a possible location in descending sequence, while dragging the cards allows you to place cards manually.
  • You may move a group of cards if they are of the same suit. For example, if 7,6,5,4 spades are in sequence, you can drag the whole four cards at once. You can move consecutive cards together. Card with 2 and 4 cannot move together as they are not consecutive.
  • If there is an empty pile available, you can place any card to make a sequence.
  • If only the face-down card remains in the pile, turn the down card over, which reveals a new card that can use.

A harder challenge of Spider

Spider solitaire online allows you to play with a harder level. 52 cards of each suit (52×2=104 cards). In 4 suit levels, there are 26 cards of each suit (26×4=104 cards). The rules for suit 2 and suit 4 are the same as for suit-1. Although suit 2 and suit 4 are considered harder levels than suit 1, you can win these levels with practice on the website.

Winning conditions

The goal is to arrange eight sequences of the king to ace (foundations) in columns in the tableau. With each completed sequence, those cards move out of the tableau. When the player collects all the sequences, he/she must win. If the player takes all the cards out of stock and can’t move, the game ends sadly.

Prompt buttons

In such games, prompt buttons pop up while playing. You can tap only once on those buttons before they disappear. These prompt buttons can be hints or bonus points that you get while playing online.

Volume setting

Many people like sound while they play, as it gives a positive impact on the mind and makes it more interesting to play. Card games are mind games, so they need focus. People may want to turn off the sound while playing. Both types of people are right, according to them.


As we mentioned, now you can play the Spider solitaire game easily. Cardgame24x7 offers a variety of exciting card games such as rummy, Spider solitaire, Freecell, and UNO. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn these games very quickly from our website. Here, we have discussed some settings that may help you while playing. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the online Spider solitaire game. This game exercises your brain, makes you more focused and less stressed.