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How to Play the Original Freecell Game?

Original Freecell game is not the most popular Solitaire game by any means, and many people dislike it because they believe it is simply too difficult and confusing to play. Well, their point of view is not unreasonable; the game is truly challenging and has the potential to screw with one’s brain from time to time.

However, if you want to learn how to play the Freecell Solitaire card game, there are two things you must do: first, learn about the game, and second, practice it. Continue to play Freecell Solitaire if you have difficulty winning the games.

The game is pretty difficult at first, but it is really enjoyable after you have mastered it. Instead of throwing in the towel and losing out on a fantastic chance to have a good time, keep going. Like many other board games available, easy free cell games are not only entertaining ways to pass the time, but they also have the added benefit of making you smarter in the long term.

What exactly is Freecell?

Freecell original games are variants of the classic card game of solitaire, devised by Paul Alfille. Gameplay is difficult, and it needs players to use their cognitive abilities. Even though the game is extremely difficult, you can learn it with a few attempts and practice.

Learning about the original Freecell game and how to play the game is the first step toward becoming a professional Freecell player. You should note that while playing Freecell, strict following the game’s instructions is required.

Playing original Freecell card games helps you enhance your ability to make decisions. Consequently, if you want to understand how to play Freecell solitaire, you need to devote the necessary time to read this comprehensive instruction. It may seem lengthy, but believe me when I say that if you are patient enough to understand the full method, you will be one step closer to being a master at Freecell solitaire.

It is mainly possible to solve Freecell original shuffles; however, unlike other solitaire game types heavily reliant on chance, Freecell games are mostly reliant on ability.

How to play the Original Freecell Game?

  • The game’s goal is to play all 52 cards into four piles, one of each suit, to win.
  • Start with the aces in each pile, then go on to the next numbers, such as two, three, and four, and so on, until you reach the king.
  • You may find the home cell heaps at the top right corner of the screen on the left side.
  • First, you will move any free ace to one of the home cells, which will serve as your starting position. It is important to note that only aces not covered by other cards are considered free aces.
  • Playing original Microsoft Freecell online is more convenient since the algorithm has already been trained to execute certain automated actions.
  • for example, after you start the game, the algorithm will automatically shift-free aces to the home cell piles, which is a convenient feature.

The Rules of Freecell Solitaire

Following are some fundamental old-style Freecell game principles that can help you avoid penalties and win more Freecell solitaire games in the future.

  • It would be best if you didn’t rush into making a decision; most of the time, the most obvious choices are not the best ones. Consider your options and make a game plan.
  • Always keep in mind that the most important thing to accomplish is to free up all of the aces and deuces, even if they are piled down undercards with a greater face value. Determine where they are initially, and then transfer them to the home cell heaps as soon as possible.
  • Do not fill all of your cells too early in the game; instead, leave the majority of your free cells as vacant as possible so that you have room to move; this is essential since your capacity to navigate is the most significant aspect of the game. Before placing cards in the available cells, be certain that you have no other choice.
  • At the same time that you are attempting to free up space on your home cells, try to construct an empty column. In contrast to Freecells, you may use columns to hold a whole series rather than a single card. It allows you to create larger sequences with relative ease. One may then proceed to a super move since a super move needs a lengthy series of empty columns and Freecells. The empty zone can be accomplished with a super move.
  • Take into consideration filling in the gaps between columns with a long descending sequence, beginning as many new sequences as you can with a king.
  • Make no haste in transferring cards to the home cells. Since you may need them later to move lesser value cards of other suits.


Learning how to play the original Freecell card game requires a lot of practice and repetition. You would quickly understand that doing the same shuffle numerous times would offer you additional experience. This will allow you to conquer tougher stages in the future. You will improve as your playing time increases.  

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