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How to Play Easy Spider Solitaire?

Spider Solitaire is a card game, usually a single-player game with two card decks or 104 cards without any joker. Although spider solitaire has many variations, the main basic rules are the same for each difficulty level. The game starts with two decks of 104 cards in easy Spider solitaire. At the start, we divide 54 cards between ten tableaus, in which each tableau has six cards each. Similarly, in the following six tables, we divide five cards each. After such a division, keep all tableaus faced down but place the top cards face-up. After this, place the 50 remaining cards at the top of the table or screen considered as a stock.

How to play easy Spider solitaire?

  • Cards dealing

In easy Spider solitaire or one suit Spider solitaire, we need to shuffle all the cards in decks, and there should not be any joker inside these decks. Then make ten piles or tableaus of these decks, in which we divide six cards into the first four tableaus and five cards in the last six tableaus. Place only the topmost cards of these piles faced up while remaining cards in these tableaus faced down.

  • Make sequences

After doing this division of cards in these piles, 50 cards remain. Place these 50 cards on the side of the table. And these 50 cards are used as stock. For example, if you cannot make a possible sequence already present in tableaus, you can take cards from the store. Now, we have to build a sequence in descending order. For this, we can use these stated steps. First of all, without suit preferences, place cards with the sequence a number higher than the moved card from the last pile.

  • Run the cycles

Place this card onto a pile with a number higher. For instance, we can place a 6 of any suit on the 7 of any suite. Even we can put a queen of any case on to the king of another pile of any matter. The only thing which matters is the descending sequence. You can also move a whole descending sequence from one pile to another to make an enormous sequence. Place the card moved slightly lower than the card on which we placed it so that you can see all the cards in a pile and create a sequence.

  • Empty columns

Place the uppermost card of the previous pile faced up, from which we moved cards. You cannot leave the uppermost card of the previous pile unturned. If a pile is empty now, you can place a face-up card in the empty tableau or place a descending sequence in the space. If you have an empty column, you cannot use the pile of stocks cards. You can take a bunch from the stockpile and place it in the empty column.

  • Use stock

If you cannot make a possible sequence in the possible cards in the tableau, you can use stock cards. For this, you can place one card for each tableau from the stock. It means we place 10 cards onto the 10 tableaus.  When you run out of cards from the stock, you cannot take the next move further. Then, the game is over. After generating a sequence for making to ace or making 8 builds before finishing the stockpile, in simple words, remove the king to ace sequence from the game if you have generated this sequence.

Tips and tricks for ensuring victory

The easy Spider solitaire game is not simply as easy as it looks. People want to see how they can increase the chances of victory in the Spider solitaire. Victory in easy Spider solitaire is due to a combination of luck and cards skills.  Here are some tips and tricks for increasing the chances of your victory in simple Spider solitaire.

  • Move full sequence

You were moving the fully built sequence as a whole. Probably you have used this trick earlier. But using it wisely is essential. When making a sequence, you should remember that you can use these small sequences to make a larger one. In this more extensive sequence, you make sequences that can cover most of the numbers in the tableaus.  So using wisely the rule of moving pack of build sequence as a whole can increase the chances of your victory in the game.

  • Expose hidden cards

Expose uncovered cards because it helps you to make some possible runs in the game. It is an easy way to make empty piles or tableau. It would help if you made empty piles as early as possible to make a rearrangement for other cards helping generate a sequence. This emptying helps you provide more cards turnover, assisting you with further moves and ideas for new sequences. Always start generating a sequence from the higher rank cards. You cannot place it onto the other cards if you have started a sequence from the low-rank card and a higher card.

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