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Some Tips and Tricks to Win the Shanghai Card Game

3 to 8 people can play shanghai card games at a time. As with other Rummy games, Shanghai card games have the same objective: removing, melding, and laying off all the cards you have. Your victory depends on your ability to do so. But there are some tips and tricks to increase the chances to win the game. The game is full of fun and casual. Despite Shanghai Rummy’s similarities to other Rummy games, it has distinctive and unique features. As a result, it is essential to learn some Shanghai Rummy tips and tricks to win.  

In what way does a Shanghai Card Game Differ from Other Games?

California Rummy, or Shanghai Rummy, is a variation on the popular game of rummy. Sometimes the Shanghai Rummy card game is called Shanghai also. Shanghai Rummy is an easy card game to learn, and the ease of play makes it a favorite choice among campers and families.

How do I play a Shanghai Card Game?

There are usually 3 – 8 players in Shanghai Rummy, and all you need is a deck of cards to play. Specifically,

  • Two decks of cards are required for three to four players, but only one Joker.
  • Five to eight players need three decks, only two of which have Jokers.

How to Set Up Shanghai cards

The player whose card is lowest goes first, becoming the dealer for the first round. There are 11 cards in the deck for each person to draw. In the final step, the remaining cards are placed face down at the center of the board, creating the draw pile. One card is drawn and placed face-up from the draw pile to make the discard pile.


In the shanghai card game, players create ‘melds,’ which are specific combinations of cards. Some sets and runs make up valid melds. Sets are combinations of the same card, whereas runs are a series of consecutive numbers 1 2 3 4. For sets, the card’s suit is not essential, but for runs, the cards must all be from the same suit.

Turns in a Shanghai card game

Players can draw a card from the draw pile or take the top card from the discard pile at the start of their turn. The player must then choose a discarded card after drawing. The discard is then placed on top of the discard pile. It is impossible to take any cards below the top of the discard pile.

“Buy” is the act of taking the top card from the discard pile by an out-of-turn player. Players who buy will have to draw another card from the draw pile. There is an upper limit on the number of buys per round.

Melding of Shanghai Rummy Cards

There is a limit of 1 meld per turn for each player in shanghai rummy cards. To win, players must have the necessary cards to meld. In other words, if a sequence of 4 is required to win, and the player has a sequence of 5, then they must discard the extra card before melding. It is not mandatory to meld, and players may hold off on melding even when all necessary cards are present.

Laying Off

The player can add cards to their melds any time after they have melded, which is called “laying off.” A player cannot lay off and meld at the same time.

Going Out

Once all cards have been played, the game ends. Every turn begins withdrawing from the draw pile, so players must win by drawing since discarding will end their turn.

There are 10 rounds of the game, with the dealer rotating clockwise for each round.

Rummy Rules for Shanghai Card Game

The shanghai card game rules are as follows:

  • Each player draws 11 cards, and one card is discarded face up.
  • First turns to go to the dealer.
  • Each player chooses one card from either the draw pile or the discard pile during each player’s turn.
  • When a player meets the winning conditions of the round, they can choose to meld.
  • When a player melds, they discard a card from their hand at the end of their turn.
  • Any player can claim each card discarded. Each player must draw a card after each buy.
  • Turns are rotated clockwise.
  • Players are no longer able to purchase cards once they have melded.
  • After melding, players can add cards to melds made by other players on their turn by ‘laying down’.
  • The game will remain to continue until no cards are left in a player’s hand.

Shanghai Rummy Scorecard & Scoring

Each round of Shanghai Rummy has scored additively. A player starts with a 0 score, and points are awarded for each card left at the end of a round in their hand. Those without cards at the end of the round gain no points. Points are awarded in the following order:

  • From 2 to 9: 5 points
  • From 10 to K: 10 points
  • For Ace: 15 points
  • For Joker: 20 points 

The winning player has the fewest points at the end of the final round.

Strategy in Shanghai Card Game

  • To be successful at Shanghai Rummy, you need to know your outs. As you always see the win conditions, know which cards will help you win.
  • Consider buying early. You can meld quickly by purchasing a card, and the one-card penalty is minor.
  • Early melting is best. The ability to meld allows you to complete melds from other players, making it easier to get rid of cards.
  • If possible, melt sets. Other players cannot play their cards since sets are hard to add to.
  • You need to meld the ends. The player can only make sequences that start with 2 and end with A. Wrapping around is not allowed.
  • Keep your eyes open. The player may claim the card by calling Shanghai, and you will need to draw a card from your hand if he discards a card that he can use to lay down.

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