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Get Rummy Rules to Win Real Money

You must be playing rummy games occasionally at home or with friends but playing it online is a different occasion. When you are on a platform giving an opportunity to earn real money, knowledge of gameplay must be high. Undoubtedly, our app is one of the most reliable platforms from the perspective of cyber security. Moreover, a friendly user interface allows beginners to hone all the features conveniently. If it is your first time with a rummy app, it is advisable to understand some basic rummy rules before putting your money in a big game. Let’s start with the basic concept.

Elaborating on Basic Rummy Rules

In order to play a rummy game, you need two decks of cards including two jokers. It is a game of picking and discarding cards with the objective of making sequences. As per the Indian rummy rules, a player has to create at least two sequences. One of them must be a pure sequence and others can be any valid sequence. You must be getting confused between pure and valid sequences. Below is some useful information to clarify all the rummy game rules in detail.

Sequence Formation Rules

When three or more cards of the same suit in a consecutive manner are arranged, it is considered as a sequence. There are two types of sequences valid in the rummy game i.e.

Pure Sequence Rules

It is a straight sequence of three or more cards that must be of the same suit and arranged in a consecutive manner. For example, a sequence of 7❤️,8❤️ and 9❤️ are considered a pure sequence.

Impure Sequence Rules

In an impure sequence, you are free to use a random wild card or a joker to form a sequence. For instance, of you have 7♣️, 8♣️, J♠️ & 10♣️, then J♠️ will be considered as a “Wild Card”.In the same way, Joker can also be used to create an impure sequence.

Sets Formation Rules

Same cards of different suits are arranged to form sets as per the rummy card game rules. A wild card is also valid in the formation of sets. Two or more cards of the same suit are considered invalid during set formation. For example, A♥, A♣, A♦ & A❤️ are known as sets. Also in a set of 7♠, 7♥, Q♥, 7♦ & 7♠, Q♥ is a wild card that makes a set of 5.

Most Common Rummy Rules Terms You Should Remember

Rummy Table Rules

Each rummy table can host between 2-6 players at a time.

Joker & Wild Card Rules

A wild card is selected randomly from the deck of cards whereas a joker is printed. Both of them are meant for creating impure sequences.

Drop Rummy Rules

Drop is a stage when someone decides to leave the game in the middle. Points are deducted according to the withdrawal timing of a person. It goes in this way:

  • First drop = 20 points;
  • Middle drop = 40 points;
  • Last drop = 80 points (Max);

Card Sorting Rummy Rules

It is the process of arranging cards in a random manner by shuffling in the beginning before distribution.

Cash Tournament Rummy Rules

When you start playing a game for cash, it is considered a cash tournament. Cash tournaments are available to play 24X7 in our app.

Invalid Declarations Rules

Apart from basic rummy rules, you should also be aware of invalid steps. Sometimes, players press the declaration button when valid sets and sequences were not actually formed. In that case, the opponent is automatically declared as the winner. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid:

  • Invalid sets wrong declaration
  • Invalid sequences wrong declaration

Make sure that you have practiced all these rummy card rules in free games before putting in real money. Make your decisions carefully while discarding a card. Once you start playing it regularly, many gameplay skills will develop automatically. Learn more Rummy rules.