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What are the Differences between Rummy and Rummikub Deluxe?

Mr Ephraim Hertzano created Rummikub in Romania as playing cards were banned there. He came up with the idea of using tiles in place of cards. Soon, Rummikub deluxe became a famous and exciting game worldwide. He came with three different forms of the game: Sabra, American, and International. Rummikub deluxe and rummy games have both similarities and differences in them. Below, we explain it in an organised manner. Also, if you are a beginner and want to learn, read the separate articles on these games on cardgame24×7.com.

Difference between Rummy and Rummikub Deluxe

Number of Cards or Tiles

  • The most obvious difference is that rummy uses cards and rummikub uses tiles to play.
  • Rummy uses a standard deck of 52 cards, while the Rummikub deluxe Set has 106 tiles in four different colours (1-13 numbers in 4 colours twice and 2 jokers).
  • The value of face cards (king, queen, and joker) is 10.
  • The Joker plays an important role in rummikub. There are four types of jokers in rummikub: the joker, the double joker, the mirror joker, and the colour-changing joker. The Joker can represent any tile, change the colour, or even start a new series.

Number of Participants

In rummy, 2 to 6 players can play at a time.

We have 4 players in rummikub even though we can have up to 6 players, and the third set of tiles adds up, which is both a blessing and a curse. This makes the tiles easier to pick.

We used 106 cards for 4 or fewer players (1–13 numbers in 4 colours twice and 2 jokers). There are 160 tiles used when there are 6 players (another set of tiles added up).

Each player has 10 cards in rummy, while in rummikub a player picks 14 tiles.


The start of each of these is different from the other. As in rummy, you have to pick cards from a stockpile. Either you can use it for set and run or drop it into the discard pile.

In rummikub, your first meld sum of the tiles should be 30 points. Then, you can start forming a set or run on your rack.

Winning Condition

In rummy, you show your cards only once at the end. After forming the sets, or runs, with all 10 cards.

You have to meld your tiles on your turn after 2 minutes. The first player to remove all 14 tiles from the rack wins the show.

Similarities between Rummy and Rummikub Deluxe

The Rules

In both rummikub deluxe and rummy, you have to form sets of runs (consecutive numbers in the same colour) and groups (the same number in different colours) with your cards and tiles.

Although we have some similar rules and characteristics in both, they are not the same.

You can arrange show tiles in rummikub but you cannot arrange cards in rummy. Players have to arrange their cards in knock or gin condition. Only then can they show their cards.

The value of the cards is equal to the numeric value.

The objective of both games is quite the same: to remove all your cards or tiles before any other player.

Winning Conditions

You get the points as a sum of the loser’s points in both games. In the “Gin” condition in rummy, the winner will get 20 extra points. In rummikub, if the loser has a joker tile, the winner will get 30 additional points.

The Game Crowd

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A Great Platform Playing Rummikub Deluxe

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