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A Quick Flash at Junglee Rummy App 2021 Guide

Are you a fan of the Junglee Rummy games and in search of a review that can give you insights about the virtual Rummy operator named the Junglee Rummy App? If yes, then you have landed at the right place.

Www Junglee Rummy App is the online platform launched back in 2012 by Ankush Gera. It has a vast audience, and almost more than thirty million players use this App. In addition, they give a massive bonus of INR 5250 to their customers. You can access games either through the junglee Rummy mobile App or via the web browser. So, let’s delve into the article to know more about the junglee rummy App.


  • The interface of the junglee Rummy circle App is relatively user-friendly.
  • Cash Rewards and welcome bonuses are eye-catchy in the junglee Rummy mobile App.
  • Rummy junglee App extremely promotes safe banking.


  • Not available in some regions of India.
  • Live Chat Support is available on the tummy junglee App.

How to download the Junglee Rummy App?

You can easily download the junglee Rummy circle App without any complications. All you need to do is download the Rummy mobile App through their website.

Additionally, on the website of Junglee Rummy, there is a QR code. Scanning it while using your mobile phone camera will redirect you to the App’s play store page for both Android and iOS users.

Features of the Junglee Rummy mobile App

In this section, we will shed light on the features of the Junglee Rummy game App. Therefore, without any delay, let’s delve into the discussion.

Junglee Rummy bonus codes:

If you are a first-time user, you can get a bonus of up to 1500 INR. Remember that you have to deposit the minimum amount of 100 INR. It is also worth mentioning that the code you need to use is WIN1500.

In contrast, there is another bonus named refer and earn. If you want to avail of this, you have to send the invite link of the App to your friends. So, if your friends become a part of this platform via an invitation link, you will get a referral bonus. This will be a good opportunity to make easy money!

Easy to navigate

Another good thing about the Rummy App new version is that it is pretty easy to use. You can get all the prizes and game selection information in the lobby area. Furthermore, there is a section named “Current Promotions” to get all the promotional offers. In addition, it is also convenient to withdraw or deposit your winnings by using the App.

Free tutorials

You might find it challenging to comprehend the Rummy game as a beginner. So, if you are one of them, you can go for free practice games. There are no entry fees for these Rummy practice games. Moreover, you can find tutorials on their website that can assist you in understanding the basics of this game.

3D Tables and Avatars:

The new version of the Rummy App provides you with unique features that include 3D avatars, tables, and customized themes. All these innovative features can surely lend a helping hand in making your gaming experience thrilling.

A Quick Solution for problems

Sometimes, gamers worry about the blank screen (black screen) when they open the Rummy mobile App. Well! Rummydeluxe has a quick solution for your joint problems when using the Rummy game App for the first time.

For the first time, most gamers find the problem in the Android operating system. Usually, they face a black screen without any error message. Then the App crashes without warning. We have an outstanding solution for this error in the junglee Rummy game App.

Mostly, it is not a big deal and just a temporary issue. To solve this problem, you have to go to the recent applications menu of your phone. Then close the App. Then, open the App again. Now it will work entirely.

Go with the hard reboot on your Android mobile. You need to hold and press the “power” and “Home” buttons for 10 seconds. After, release the buttons and hold the “power” button again until your mobile shows its screen. Again open your game App.

In case of failure, you have to wait for your phone battery to drain, and the phone automatically turns off. Later, charge your phone and press the power button on your phone. It will work.