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How Many Tiles Do You Start with in Rummikub

As the players know, Rummikub is a tile-based game, but do you know how many tiles do you start with in Rummikub? It was primarily designed for 2-4 players and became the most popular game in 1970 when its popularity increased when Rummikub became a household name.

What Is the Rules of Rummikub?

2-4 players are needed to play Rummikub, and tiles are needed to play Rummikub. So, how many tiles do you start with in Rummikub? There are a total of 104 tiles with 4 racks. This rack keeps the tiles hidden so that players can not see the value of the tile.


As you are aware, how many tiles are to start the Rummikub. These 104 tiles are grouped based on their value and color. To start, there are four colors: orange, red, blue, and black. There are 2 orange tiles, 2 blue tiles, two black tiles, and 2 red tiles, and the value ranges from 1 to 13. So there are 102 pieces of tile.

But the question is how many rummy tiles do you start with and where to put the remaining two tiles. The remaining tiles are joker tiles. The colors of the joker tiles are black and red. The Joker can be used in place of any other tile.


Now the answer is clear about how many Rummikub tiles to start. These 104 tiles are used to make a set, which is also called a meld. The set can be either run or grouped and in one set there should be at least 3 tiles.

According to color, how many tiles do you get to start with Rummikub? There are four basic colors, and two tiles each contain one color. In terms of combinations, how many Rummikub tiles do you start with?


Groups can be either combination of different colors or combinations of the same number. The group can be at least three tiles or four tiles maximum. Here is another example that will show you how many tiles start Rummikub.


Invalid combinations of how many tiles do you start with in Rummikub are shown below.


This is invalid because the number 6 six is of different color


This is also invalid because the number of the tiles are not same


This is also invalid because there are 2 yellow tiles.

Setting Up

This section will tell you in terms of setting tiles, how many tiles do you need to start with Rummikub?

So shuffle down all the tiles and keep them facing down. Each player will get 14 tiles and place them on their racks to hide the tiles from other players. Then the game will start. Each player will draw a tile and make a meld. This thing will continue until a player wins.

The First Move

The players cannot draw a tile until their turn. The first player will play a move and try to make a combination until he reaches the maximum value of the set, which is 30 points. Players are not permitted to use any of the tiles that have previously been played by other players in their own moves prior to executing this move.

Here are some examples of the first move of how many tiles do you start with.

  • 11–12–13 
    • The sum of 11-12 and 13 is 36 points which is greater than 30 point
  • 8-8–8–8 
    • The sum of 4 8 is 32 which is greater than 30 points.
  • 4-5-6-7 and 3-3–3 
    • The sum of this set is 31, which is also greater than 30 points.

Remember that a player can play with multiple sets if possible. If it is not possible, then the player will draw a tile and try to make a meld to play his first move.

End Game

When a player says “Rummikub,” it is the end of in Rummikub how many tiles do you start with. The remaining players will sum up their tiles, and the joker point is 30 points. The loser points will be added to the winner’s score, making the winner’s score equal to both the winner’s and the loser’s scores. If players want to quit the game or are unwilling to play, then the game ends and the winner is the one who has the lowest total of tiles.


The main objective in Rummykub is to make as many combinations of total tiles as possible to win this game. The looser score is calculated and considered a negative score. It is added to the winner’s score.

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