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How Many Cards to Deal in Gin Rummy?

Gin Rummy is one of the most popular forms of rummy. If you are a beginner, you should learn some basic rules, such as how many cards to deal in Gin Rummy, how many players can play at once, or the rules and strategies required to win. In this article, you will get every answer to the questions that arise in your mind.

The main objective of the game is to reach 100 points before your opponent. In a gin rummy game, the number of players can be 2 or 4 (generally played by two players), and each gets ten cards at the beginning. The remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table (face down) to start the discard pile, also known as the stockpile. The top card is placed face-up next to the stockpile, which is called the discard pile. There should be a deck of 52 cards that are shuffled by the dealer.

how many cards deal in gin

Configuration of the game

After card distribution, the first card you have to pick is from the discard pile, even though you can pass it if you do not need that card. Then, both players will start picking the cards from the stockpile one by one. You can pick the top card from either the discard pile (face-up card) or the stockpile (face-down card) according to your needs. Both will try to make a sequence and set it with their ten cards. Whoever makes it first will knock or gin the opponent.

How to play the Gin Rummy game

The main objective of the game is to collect as many cards as possible into sets (groups) and runs (sequences). The dealer shuffles the cards and distributes them alternatively. Then we start picking cards one by one for the stockpile and discard pile. You have to make sets or sequences with your 10 cards.

How do you deal with your cards in Gin Rummy?

You have to make a sequence (or run) of at least 3 consecutive cards of the same type of card. For example- 5 spades, 6 spades, and 7 spades. Also, face cards are of the same type of card (joker of heart, queen of heart, and king of heart). An Ace cannot be added with face cards. The sequence must be of three cards or more.

Set (group)

minimum of 3 cards of the same number of different types of cards. For example- 7 of hearts, 7 of spades, and 7 of diamonds (you can also add 7 clubs to them if you get them from the discard pile). Also, you can make a set of face cards like a king of clubs, a king of diamonds, and a king of spades (you can also add a king of hearts with them if you get it from the discard pile).

You can’t use the same card twice to make a set or sequence. Keep in mind that while making a set or sequence, the sum of your unused (extra) cards is less than 10, because it will be deducted from your score when the round ends.

Points distribution

The value of face cards (king, queen, and joker) is 10 points, and cards with numbers are worth their numerical value like 1 has one, 2 has two, and so on till the 10 number-card has a value of 10 points.

Remember that Ace does not have any specialties but has the lowest worth of 1 point. Also, you cannot add an ace to a face card; it is not a valid sequence.

You will get the difference between the points you get in total and the sum of the unused cards, which should be less than 10.


Don’t keep higher numbered cards as extras, keep them only when you can make a set or sequence with them. Because the sum of the extra cards will be deducted from your score for the particular round.

Winning conditions in Gin Rummy

As earlier mentioned, the first player to reach 100 points will win the match. These are the points you earn by completing sequences or sets before your opponent. The distribution of points has some rules-


If the value of the players’ unused cards is less than 10, this is a knock. For example- if you have a set of 3 cards, a sequence of 4, and the sum of the remaining cards is less than 10, then you have a knock. You don’t need to knock out that time. You can continue playing to improve your hands.


Gin is the ideal condition, when you’ve used all your cards for making sets or sequences, discard your last card and have an empty hand. This condition is called “Going Gin”. In this case, you will receive an additional 20 points as well as the sum of the opponent’s extra cards.

Special situation

After the knock or gin, players will show their cards. They can add their cards to the opponent’s set or sequence to lower the sum of their extra cards. Sometimes it changes the result as an undercut situation.

If a player knocks and his knock fails, this condition is called an “undercut.”

For example, if player-1 knocks and his sum of extra cards is 5, but the sum of opponent player-2 is less than 5 (let’s say 4), then player-1 has an undercut condition. In this situation, player-2 will get an extra 10 points and player-1 will get 0 points.

Gin Rummy is a very interesting game. You can enjoy playing this game with your friends and family. You can even play online with other players around the world or on your computer. Download our app, Cardgame24×7 to enjoy this exciting game.