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Best Classic Single Player Freecell Card Game

There are many existing card games, but if you want to play alone and want it to be fun and challenging, then you must not miss the free solitaire. Freecell Solitaire is a card game that uses 52 basic Freecell cards, suitable for almost all people of all ages. It differs from most card games in that from the beginning of the game, all the cards are face up. In the Freecell game, players need to constantly move the cards, through logical reasoning and analysis, to find a way to pass the level.

The goal of the game is to organize all the cards into the four collection units in the upper right corner. It is necessary to arrange the cards in the same suit and color according to the order of letters from small to large. It is also divided into different levels of difficulties, so you can choose whether it is difficult or easy.

How to Play Freecell

How to Play

Generally, Freecell Solitaire is usually in the form of online, which is well compatible with your PC, iPad, Android, and other systems, and provides tens of thousands of levels that can be solved.

At the beginning of the game, the cards are generally divided into 8 columns, and the number of cards in each column is similar. The upper right corner is the base area, this is where you start from A to store the arranged cards. The upper left corner is the free unit, which is the key to this game. They can temporarily store cards that you cannot handle.

You must arrange the cards strategically so that you can move them to a base starting with A.

If you want to move a card, you can place a card on top of another card in a column under the right suit and value. If the cards are arranged in a row and there are suitable cards to connect them, then you can move the entire row to this card. This is only possible when there are enough free cells.

For free cells, there are 4 free cells to help you rearrange the cards. You can place any card you want on one of these four cells. Before considering placing them on free cells, it is best to have a strategy for removing cards. After completely clearing a column, you can use the empty slots for other cards as if you created a new free unit.

If you have completed some sorting, you can place it in the base. Cards that are no longer needed will be automatically moved to the appropriate positions in the foundation, and cards that you may still need will not be automatically moved. You can move them manually by double-clicking them. Once the card is placed on the foundation, it can no longer be removed.

There are generally two ways to move cards online. You can drag the card and drag it to the position you want. After reaching the position, release the button, or click the card, if it can be moved, it will automatically reach its position.

We all understand that strategy is very important. When playing the game, try your best to always leave the two free cells blank to make it easier for you to pass the level. When you place a card on a free cell, only do this if you plan to remove it again. The biggest mistake you can make is to take up all four free cells too quickly. Try to move the card with the lowest value to the base. Doing so will give you more room to play.

Freecell Rules

Now we will introduce the rules of the classic Freecell solitaire. To win, you must move the four Aces that appear to the base, and then accumulate each A from A to K (A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 -10-JQK).

Only the top and exposed cards of each picture pile can be played. It can be moved to a base, a free cell, or another tabletop pile. Card movement is the main content of this game, and the rules for moving cards are. The premise is that the value of the card is twice the value of the card you put on it. There are four types of cards: hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds. Hearts and diamonds are red, and spades and clubs are black. They are divided into two types according to this standard. When placing playing cards, be aware that they must also be of opposite colors, that is, the red and black are interlaced. For example, black 5 can be placed on red 6, but not black 6.

In the free cell, only one card can be stored. The cards in the free cell can be moved to the bottom of a column or to the base. The cards that enter Freecell cannot be moved out without a suitable position.

In Freecell Solitaire, moving the entire column is also allowed. But moving the entire column is more knowledgeable than the movement of a single card. If you find that sometimes you cannot move the entire column, then you need to see if the number of spaces is sufficient. The number of movable cards in Freecell is 1 more than the number of slots in the upper left corner and the number of slots in the lower 8 columns. If there is a perfect stack, that is, it can be a stack that starts with K and ends with A, and all the cards are arranged in the correct order, then the maximum number of cards when moving the column can also be added to its number. If you want to move the entire column, this is something you have to pay attention to and calculate.