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Classic Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. Suitable for all ages, players participating in Rummy can be very flexible.  Rummy is a card game that relies heavily on skill and experience. Now, start your Rummy time!


This is a classic card game that originated in Europe and is popular around the world. Its name comes from the rules of the game, when the player has only one card left in his hand, he must shout “UNO”. It is a simple, fun, and exciting game to play with friends at home or online, especially if you get the Uno Reverse Card. Playing Uno brings you an amazing experience!


Freecell is a single-player card game which released in 1995. With over a million levels available to play, you are required to use your brain to solve different puzzles to play FreeCell.

Spider Solitaire

As a single-player puzzle card game, Spider Solitaire was a top 10 card game which released in 2010. The objective to play Spider Solitaire is to arrange and remove 10 pile cards in hand and 5 pile cards that will be dealt later with as few moves as possible. A total of eight decks were sorted and removed. When all cards are sorted and removed in the left corner of the screen, you win the game. 

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